Frequently Asked Questions

Spin Wing Vanes

Does the color of the vane affect the drag?
In our most recent testing, it was shown that there is no difference in drag between the colors.

Can I shoot two colors on my arrow?
We recommend shooting one color per arrow and to always use vanes from the same package.

What is the difference between the Original Spin Wing Vanes and Elite Spin Wing Vanes?
Original Spin Wing Vanes feature a curved pocket design that traps and compresses air to rotate the arrow twice as fast as the average vane.  The high-spin rotation means improved arrow flight for tighter groups, even in changing wind conditions. The thin curved design has minimal drag.

Elite Spin Wing Vanes feature a unique rear sloping hook that traps additional air at the beginning of the shot. The additional drag stabilizes the arrow quickly to increase accuracy, rotating up to two-times faster than the Original Spin Wing Vanes.

What colors do you offer?
Vanes are available in red, white, blue, yellow, black, pink, green, orange, & purple

What size vane should I use?
Each bow set-up is unique to the shooter, therefore, we do not recommend one size over the other. Most Olympic-style shooters use the 1 ¾” vanes, and most hunter/IBO shooters use the 4” vanes.

What if I want less drag?
Switch to a shorter vane, or try the 1 3/4” Very Light Drag Vane option that is available in Original Spin Wing Vanes.

Formaster Training Aids

What is the difference between the Original Formaster Training Aid and the Rigid Formaster Training Aid?
The Original Formaster Training Aid uses a rubber resistance cord, which allows you to train with the full-release of an arrow.  The Original Formaster is designed with two pieces: the Strap and the Resistance Cord.

The Rigid Formaster Training Aid is sold assembled using a non-rubberized cord, which allows you to draw and release without using an arrow.

What size Formaster Training Aid should I order?
Measure the full circumference around your elbow with your draw arm completely straight.  This measurement should be at the largest part of the elbow.  The Strap should fit snugly around the draw arm when arm is bent in the full draw position.  If the strap is too large, it will slide down the arm, causing the rubber cord to be too weak to obtain optimal results.

Can Formaster Training Aids be used on recurve and compound bows?
Yes, both the Original Formaster Training Aid and the Rigid Formaster Training Aid may be used on either a recurve or compound bow.


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